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What People Want Most from Personal Technology Is Simplicity

What do people want most from their smartphones, tablets, home theater and home appliances? Simplicity. According to the Ketchum Digital Living Index, 76% of 6,000 consumers in six countries said they're not very satisfied with the ability of their personal technology products to make their life simpler. What's more, people feel that attributes like ease of use and helping to simplify life are more important to people than technology's ability to entertain or signal who they are. These responses may seem counter-intuitive when communications are often focused on “bigger,” “better” and “faster” – what the findings uncover is a major unmet need for technology manufacturers to communicate more about the human experience, and not just about the object.

The Ketchum Digital Living Index views technology adoption through a cultural anthropology lens, looking at the intersection – and disconnects – between the human experience and people's expectations and aspirations for consumer technology.

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Esty Pujadas

Partner, Director

Ketchum Global Technology Practice

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Emma Gilding

Cultural Anthropologist

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Top Technology Wants

Top Personal Technology Wants infographic from the Ketchum Digital Living Index

Did You Know?

  • 76% are not very satisfied with technology's ability to make their life simple
  • Tablets and computers get more “love” (42%) than other products
  • China loves smartphones the most (44%), France the least (24%)
  • Men (37%) are more likely than women (33%) to love smartphones
  • A brand that shares their values is important to one in five 18-34-year-olds, vs. only 12% of those over 50
  • Love for home appliances increases with age

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